We offer an in shop Carpet Binding Service. Carpet Binding is a great solution for turning your waste carpet or left over carpet into a useful mat, rug, runner, stair runner or even car mats. Various shapes and sizes can be bound. We have a large selection of wool yarns in stock to choose the colour match for your carpet. (Please note we cannot bind carpets or rugs that have already been used)

Binding Advantages

  • Creates a great finish around the edges of your waste carpet.
  • Stops your carpet from fraying.
  • You can create a rug to your desired size.
  • This finish is attractive, practical and suitable for any location.

Binding/Squaring cost, Rugs up to 6×4 – €2.50 Per Running Foot

  • 4×2 Rug – €30
  • 5×3 Rug – €40
  • 6×4 Rug – €50

Rugs over this size will be priced individually. Rectangles, Squares, Circles and Half Moons can all be bound.

Service Information

Carpet Preparation – Prior to edging, every carpet is cut straight and square to make the largest possible square or rectangle unless it’s clearly marked otherwise.

IMPORTANT– If you do not want us to do this, please mark each piece – ” DO NOT CUT ”

Please Note

Written instructions will be required to cut a carpet to a size or shape.

Most shapes are possible to whip, depending on the carpet type and size. If it looks complicated, please check first by sending us a plan with dimensions.

Maximum size – This can vary depending on carpet type. If you are considering anything over 3 metres square, please phone us to discuss your requirements.

Corners may be finished rounded or square, depending on carpet size or shape.